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I started realizing I have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s not about me at all. We’re all part of the whole ever-changing current movement. When I realized that, I began a journey I’m on now, which is, ultimately, [that] every year I give, a little more of myself is erased—a little more of that ego that we are strapped with and unfortunately burdened with. In art, just like in bank- ing, or racecar driving—even farming—we all have this ego. We have to realize, ultimately, that there’s an end to this journey on Earth. This physical journey. As soon as I started letting go of that, I realized I was playing for a bigger thing and serving something bigger.
Scott Avett (via coolbeansinacan)


I’m the mourning
I’m the aching
I’m the cover
I’m the taking
I’m the lover
I’m the killer
I could love her
I could kill her
I’m the keeping
I’m the sending
I’m the sleeping
I’m the bending
I’m the only
I’m the waiting
I’m the knowing
I’m the shaking
I’m the hoping
I’m the changing
I’m the falling
I’m the breaking
I’m the color
I’m the fading
I’m the silver
I’m the bell
I’m the mourning

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